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DICoDipartimento di Informatica e Comunicazione (Department of Communication and Information)
DICoDeposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (Government of Ontario, Canada)
DICoDefensie Interservice Commando
DICoDiscount Italiano (grocery stores, Italy)
DICoData Information Coordination Office
DICoDiplomacy and International Commerce
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The product design of DICO brings together both the DGCX WTI prices and the flagship USDINR contract.
Gian Giacomo Ferraris, CEO of Versace said: "Today, thanks to the collaboration with DICO UK Property Holdings Ltd and Damac, we bring an expression of Versace's lifestyle to the very heart of London".
This is precisely the understanding of civil society that DICO has tried to change in Germany, by creating a form of politically active civil society at the medium level and scale able to effect structural change over the long term.
El periodico en la educacion primaria Grupo DICO, Medios de Comunicacion Salamanca, Centro de Profesores, 1998 95 paginas