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DICORDirect Injection Common Rail (automotive engineering)
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The ANCOVA was used to assess if the regression betweenI'13Cstemor I'13Croot and DICor I'13CDIC are the comparable between the growth situations.
On the other hand, the new Tata SFC 407-which tips the scales with a gross vehicle weight of 4,450 kilogram, is ran by a Euro 4-compliant 3.0-liter DiCoR turbo diesel engine.
True to the promise, the Storme feels a lot less wallowy than the Dicor under braking and when going around a bend.
A 65-litre fuel tank, combined with the excellent economy of the new 2.2L DICOR engine, provides excellent range between visits to the fuel pump.
This exclusive expedition offers a fully loaded brand new Tata Safari Dicor at Rs.2000 per day, a Ford Endeavour & Mitsubishi Pajero at Rs 2500 per day for self drive holidays.
According to automobile industry reports in Patna alone, a total of 60 SUV's was sold in August this year, with Safari Dicor the most popular among the political class.
The Avis India Self Drive Himalayan and Desert Expeditions programme offers 4x4 off-roaders such as Tata Safari Dicor, Ford Endeavour and a Mitsubishi Pajero with comfortable interiors and in-car entertainment at bargain rentals.
However, other studies reported that cast crown fit was not influenced by the margin design.16,17 Also, it was shown that tooth preparations with a 1.2-mm shoulder margins produced the strongest Dicor crowns, while 0.8-mm deep chamfer margins produced the weakest restorations when cemented to metal dies.18,19 However, other studies reported that Dicor crowns luted with a resin luting agent was unaffected by the type of margin design prepared.20,21