DICPDalian Institute of Chemical Physics (China)
DICPDublin Inner City Partnership
DICPDrug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy (periodical)
DICPDenver Inner City Parish (Denver, CO)
DICPDefense Intelligence Counterdrug Program
DICPDrop In Communications Package (MKV SOC)
DICPDirection des Impôts et des Contributions Publiques (French: Department of Taxation and Public Contributions)
DICPDisponibilité, Intégrité, Confidentialité et Preuve (French: Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Evidence)
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In addition, CBAK and DICP will also cooperate in training graduate and post-doctoral students and co-build a graduate practice base, which will provide talent and technical support towards enhancing China's international competitiveness in the power battery industry.
The cooperation between CBAK and DICP in aggregating and training technologically innovative talents in the field of power battery materials will help further develop key technologies and materials of power battery, effectively break through the bottleneck of the industry, and promote the development of the electric vehicle industry," said Mr.
In announcing this award, Professor Zhenju Lu, director of the DICP in Dalian, explained that it "was created by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to recognize outstanding scholars overseas and to promote their scientific collaboration with CAS institutes.
With help from SGI solutions, DICP is conducting basic research in two lines of materials science.
Fisher has authored numerous articles in the areas of neurology and pharmacokinetics, is a reviewer for several refereed journals and is on the Editorial Board of DICP and the Annals of Pharmacotherapy.
Model DICP system is designed to offset print the inside of closures at rates up to 2000 caps/min.