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This article highlights four broad issues about the judicial process: (1) the ease with which erroneous dicta appear in court decisions because they are added without guidance from briefs, oral argument, and the adversary process, (2) the pattern of dicta over time becoming accepted as the holding, (3) the distortions than can occur in presidential power because of erroneous dicta, and (4) the apparent inability of the Supreme Court to correct in timely manner erroneous dicta.
The inconsistency runs deeper than the well-chronicled difficulty of sorting dicta from holdings in particular cases.
was Gotham Partners, an earlier dispute waged in dicta before being
Lower courts' willingness or reluctance to assert their own authority by challenging dicta fundamentally affects the ways in which higher and lower courts speak to each other and shape the law.
Escoto, DICTA, Secretaria de Agricultura y Ganaderia, Danli, Honduras; C.
McManus provides a very useful overview of what we do know about reading practices of aristocratic women in chapter 1, looking at library inventories, prescriptions for women's reading, and reading journals, and concluding that Spenser's women readers shared the political awareness of his general readership and that women read broadly, not always conforming to dicta about what they should read.
The two reconsiderations found in this issue of Modern Age exemplify, both in concept and in practice, exactly what needs to be addressed in a revaluative project, and especially to afford the reader what is the all too rare opportunity and the freedom that are now woefully lacking in the contemporary intellectual and academic community in which the dicta of ideology are uniformly treated as holy writ.
Esto se puede ver de varias maneras: es un juego sucio donde el poder economico dicta las reglas del sector, que -por cierto- es sumamente competido, y las cuentas escasean a menudo.
Otros estudios han demostrado que una dicta baja en sal, puede bajar la presion arterial, cuando la dicta es tambien deficiente en potasio.
This narrow interpretation of Section 4734 would be consistent with the dicta set forth in Peebler & Nay v.