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DICoDipartimento di Informatica e Comunicazione (Department of Communication and Information)
DICoDeposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario (Government of Ontario, Canada)
DICoDefensie Interservice Commando
DICoDiscount Italiano (grocery stores, Italy)
DICoData Information Coordination Office
DICoDiplomacy and International Commerce
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That ploy yielded 15 gold medals in arnis and Dico said that was more than what they expected 'because we fielded neophyte athletes.'
Paired with the DGCX's existing INR currency suite and WTI offerings, the DICO futures contract draws a stronger appeal to existing contracts on other exchanges which are of a differing size.
154: "(...) quaelibetpropositio implicat virtualiter aliam propositionem de cujus subjecto pro ea supponente affirmatur hoc praedicatum 'verum; dico 'implicat virutaliter'sicut antecedens implicat illud quod ad sum sequitur".
"Today, thanks to the collaboration with DICO UK Property Holdings Ltd and DAMAC - a developer whom we have worked with for many years and who shares our vision for the highest standards - we bring the ultimate expression of Versace's lifestyle to the very heart of London".
As a result of the acquisition of Insco Dico, AmTrust considerably strengthens its position on the US surety insurance market, gaining access to new insurance products, additional distribution and know-how, the buyer's CEO, Barry Zyskind, noted.
Rick Aitchison, Sales Manager for 'Dico & Gravfil' outlined the project: "The capping machine had to provide torque feedback for every single cap tightened.
Moreover, distinctive characteristics of l'opera dei pupi predate Unification and extend beyond Sicily: the elaboration of puppet armor is said to have occurred in the early part of the nineteenth century, for example, and the same source narratives incorporated into Lo Dico's prose compilation of 1858-60 were already used in performances on the peninsula as well as Sicily earlier in the century.
This is precisely the understanding of civil society that DICO has tried to change in Germany, by creating a form of politically active civil society at the medium level and scale able to effect structural change over the long term.
"We were all very disappointed when Dico dropped out injured," added Wyatt.
buio dico buio tubo dico tubo buco la mente dal bulbo alle valvole alle
Past outings have brought us Sia Furler, Tina Dico and Jose Gonzalez.