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DIDDirect Inward Dial(ing)
DIDData Item Description
DIDDance India Dance (Indian reality TV show)
DIDDefense-In-Depth (Nuclear Power)
DIDDissociative Identity Disorder (human psychology)
DIDDevice Identifier
DIDDepartment of International Development
DIDDigital Information Display
DIDDéveloppement International Desjardins
DIDData Identifier
DIDDistributed Interactive Simulation
DIDDigital Image Design (Software Company)
DIDDouble Immunodiffusion
DIDDepartment of Irrigation and Drainage (Malaysia)
DIDDudes in Dresses
DIDDischarge Ionization Detector
DIDDriver Information Database
DIDDynamic Infrastructure Discovery (Insightix)
DIDDigital Interface Device
DIDDied in Department (UK)
DIDDriver's Integrated Display
DIDDansk Ishockey Dommerklub (Denmark ice hockey referees)
DIDDomain Identification Device
DIDDatamation Industry Directory
DIDDigitization and Interoperability Division (US Army data standardization office)
DIDDivision of Isotope Development
DIDDimensional Installation Drawings (NASA)
DIDDynamic Interaction Diagnostic
DIDDeterministic Identification Capacity
DIDDesign Interface Document
DIDDigital Identification
DIDDriver Identification
DIDDéchets Industriels Dangereux (French: Hazardous Industrial Waste)
DIDDamsels in Distress
DIDDiabète Insulinodépendant (French: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes)
DIDDocuments pour l'Intégration et le Développement (French: Documents for Integration and Development; disability)
DIDDesert Island Disc
DIDDefense Industry Daily (publication)
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We did film in Arabia, and we were at one point 400 miles away from the nearest water, to give you an idea.
Also, Tax Relief did not use the information we entered on gross IRA contributions to automatically compute the tax on an excess IRA contribution of $105.
If the press did annual reviews of each agency--as a public service the major papers could divide the major departments among themselves--agency heads might be scared into trying to answer the important basic questions.
You did the hard work of maintaining the collective base out of which people did what they wanted to do.
in Downingtown, PA not only ran the sewer lines and did the rough and finished plumbing, but installed all the appliances and helped frame and tile as well.
In retrospect, I was far more productive working for them than I was working for the boss that questioned everything I did and didn't do.