DIDEDes Ils et des Elles (French gay association)
DIDEFondation Dignité en Détention (French)
DIDEDistributed Intelligent Design Environment
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Erin ti wo ko le dide. The elephant fell, unable to stand on its
McElroy is the leading manufacturer and innovator of DiDe fusion
When Avi Buffalo finally dide d return to record their sophomore effort, the sublime At Best Cuckold, inset, they were less of a band and more of a solo project, with Avi laying down the tracks before inviting some friends to play with him.
(12.) Surviving rubrics read as follow: "[paragraph] How Geffray with the grete toeth dide [...]" (cropped horizontally along second line; frag, lvb); "[paragraph] How Froymont brother to Geffray was professed monke at Mayllerez by consentement of his fader and moder.
Precious Mum of Gill, Max and Dide, and a loving Gran and Gran--Gran.
The exhibition will feature the works of Carlos Amorales, Gintaras DidE"iapetris, Jimmie Durham, Gabriel Lester, Anetta Mona ChiE-a & Lucia TkEiyiovEi, as well as films by Deimantas Narkeviyiius and Hito Steyerl, a text by Isabel Seligman and a print indent by Carlos Amorales.
[not equal to]Gui khoen ge IIhawode [bra.u]h[^.a] Iguits[bra.e]n ga[not equal to]gui mariba h[bra.o] on tarena n[^.i] d[bra.i]s dide. Nausas, maris[^.a]u[not equal to]gaesa xu mari-e Ikhuwihesa a !gomsi lg[^.a]khoen !aroma xawe.
Mother ples excuse my bad writeing I feale very sad today about the boy that dide." (99)
The -ed, -d past-tense affixation may be regarded as a resultant from use of did (Old English dide, dyde), past tense of do (Old English don), a reduplicative of the present stem employed in Proto-Germanic "as suffix to form the past tense of other verbs," being then reduced to -da in Gothic, to -de in Old English, thence to -d (-ed) in English (Barnhart, op.
Il est un rejeton auquel on transmet un sang deja faible, celui de Tante Dide. Tous ces degeneres sont une menace que Clotilde, fille tranquille, bonne chretienne, a la "tete ronde et solide", sent venir d'une famille chargee de monstres au sang gate.