DIDMDistributed Internet Discovery and Monitoring
DIDMDaily Increasing Dose Method
DIDMDirectorate for Investigation and Detective Management (Philippines)
DIDMDigital Ion Drift Meter (spacecraft instrument)
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Nimfa Reloc, who monitors heinous crime cases for DIDM, said the office had released no such data or analysis and did not know where the number came from.
Specifically, the DIDM estimator tailored for our panel data is given by:
Tables 4 (dataset A) and 5 (dataset B) show the DIDM results for volume sales as well as for price.
Following this introduction, Section 2 presents the methodology of the DIDM approach and explains the main features of the reform.
Describing the objective of the DIDM programme, Lee explained: "In DIDM, our curriculum offers a strong foundation for our students because we are training them to work in the big production houses such as MediaCorp and Discovery Channel, not just the small ones.
Yung DIDM (Directorate for Investigative and Detective Management) will conduct the formal investigation and DI will conduct counter-intelligence dahil may mga portions sa investigation na hindi nakukuha sa formal investigation (because there are portions of the investigation that cannot be obtained through a formal investigation),' Dela Rosa, who wanted to pull out the troops to prevent the image of his men from being tainted, told reporters in an ambush interview.
I am directing the director of the DIDM to conduct inventory sa lahat ng ebidensya na nasa custody ng Crime Lab.
It should be noted that some criminal offenders have actually found the Ombudsman, PLEB (People's Law Enforcement Board), IAS (Internal Affairs Service), Napolcom (National Police Commission), DIDM (Directorate for Investigative and Detective Management) and other internal investigating bodies as convenient fora to get back at arresting officers or investigators, sometimes without the benefit of the right to confront their accusers in either formal or anonymous complaints,' he said.
The IAS, on its own, is conducting validation while the DIDM will be looking at their case folders,' Carlos said.
The DIDM also recorded 8,110 arrested suspects while 35,276 drug users and pushers have surrendered from May 10 until July 10.