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DIDODay In, Day Out
DIDODrive In, Drive Out (song)
DIDODigital Images Delivered Online (Department of the History of Art; Indiana University; Bloomington, IN)
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El corpus escogido se debe a la particularidad de la epistola al presentar la expresion pasional de Dido como un mecanismo retorico, algo que no acontece de la misma manera en el antecedente virgiliano.
and Dido dies, but the majesty of the Virgil and Purcell originals was gone.
Rahman has also been working with Dido on a new project, the details of which have been kept under wraps.
Hill adds: "I believe that, as Dido is based in London and travels home to Weston-super-Mare at weekends, she was looking for somewhere between the two, and we're just off the M40.
La version historica de Dido en los versos de Ercilla
In Dido and Aeneas, Anastasia Hille and Mark Bonnar played out the slow breakdown of a mature relationship, transforming the classical icons into contemporary lovers whose differing priorities eventually destroyed even the strongest emotional connection.
The pile of wood on which Marlowe's Barabas imagines sacrificing his daughter evokes the pyre that the wealthy and beautiful Dido uses for her suicide when she is abandoned by Aeneas in book 4 of the Aeneid.
Dressed in Eugene tie-dye, the "inchantresses" and their warlock became the good guys, and Dido and Aeneas, dressed in stiff military and corporate wardrobes, represented the constrictive system that denies freedom.
Dido, who recently released her third album Safe Trip Home, said: "I used to play football all the time and had a girls' team at school, but I hardly ever play now unless it's with my nephews or my brother.
Co-produced by Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, Kanye West and Rufus Wainwright) alongside Dido and her musical partner and brother Rollo Armstrong, "Safe Trip Home" showcases the tattered and torn troubadour at her most sensual and seductive.