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DIDPDiisodecyl Phthalate (plasticizer)
DIDPDavao Integrated Development Program (Philippines)
DIDPDigital Imaging Developer Programme (Canon)
DIDPDefence Indigenous Development Program (Australia)
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In the earlier study, published in May in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the same NYU investigators found an association between DINP and DIDP concentrations and increased insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.
In addition to the interesting low-shear behavior observed with the DOS/ESO mixture (which was close to that obtained with DOP, DOS, and TOTM), its performance coincided with that of DIDP at high-shear rates, providing an overall enhancement in shear-thinning behavior which would be expected to be manifest as enhanced melt processability.
In August, the ECHA concluded in its re-evaluation of the restrictions on DINP and DIDP in toys and childcare articles that no further risks have been identified from the use of these substances for both adults and children.
For additional and comparative plasticization we used DIDP as the less extractable monomeric phthalate, as well as DINA (diisononyl adipate).
Kong Kong ordered a recall on Friday after tests revealed that Augmentin produced by the British firm s French factory contained an unsafe level of DIDP.
3] 40 DIDP 30 Maglite D 5 Agerite Resin D 1 Total 236 CSM masterbatch Hypalon 40 100 N330 carbon black 60 Sunpar 2280 10 PE wax 2 Agerite Resin D 1 Total 173 FKM masterbatch Viton GF-600S 100 MT 990 carbon black 30 VPA #2 1 Total 131 FEPM masterbatch Aflas 150P 100 MT 990 carbon black 25 Sodium stearate 1 Total 126
Using alternatives to dioctyl phthalate, such as DINP, DIDP, and DPHP, is helping reduce concerns over PVC.
A wide range of products will be showcased at the exhibition, including Exceed[TM] mPE, Nexxstar[TM] resin formulations, ExxonMobil LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, ExxonMobil[TM] PP, Achieve[TM] mPP, Vistamaxx[TM] Specialty Elastomers, Exact[TM] Plastomers, Santoprene[TM] and Exxtral[TM] Specialty Products, Vistalon[TM] EP(D)M, Jayflex[TM] DINP, Jayflex[TM] DIDP, Metallyte[TM], Label-Lyte[TM] OPP Films and our latest product, Enable[TM] mPE, just launched earlier this month.
2006) concluded that, for adults, ingestion of food was the dominant exposure pathway for DEHP, DiBP, and DIDP, whereas personal care products dominated for DEP exposure and inhalation pathways dominated for DMP.
6 @ 130[degrees]C increase in t5 Mooney -- 155% 202% @ 130[degrees]C Table 11--crosslinking CPE with F40P-SP2 and coagents Control Run 1 Run 2 CPE 100 100 100 N-550 carbon black 30 30 30 DIDP 30 30 30 CaC[O.
EPA registrations for liquid formulations of OBPA in DIDP, DOP,ESO, and polypropylene glycol.
A Chinaplas participant for the seventh consecutive year, ExxonMobil Chemical will showcase its wide range of products, including Exceed[TM] mLLDPE, Nexxstar[TM] resin formulations, ExxonMobil LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE, ExxonMobil[TM] PP, Achieve[TM] mPP, Vistamaxx[TM] specialty elastomers, Exact[TM] plastomers, Santoprene[TM] specialty products, Vistalon[TM] EP(D)M, Exxelor[TM] modifiers, Jayflex[TM] DINP, Jayflex[TM] DIDP, OPPalyte[TM], Metallyte[TM] and Label-Lyte[TM] OPP films.