DIDSDes Idées et des Sites (French website firm)
DIDSDistributed Intrusion Detection System
DIDSDivision of Intellectual Disabilities Services (Tennessee)
DIDSDefense Integrated Data System
DIDSDynamic Innovative Data Solutions (Indianapolis, IN)
DIDSDefense Intelligence Dissemination System (US DoD)
DIDSDecision Information Distribution System
DIDSDomestic Information Display System
DIDSData Item Description System
DIDSDatabase Inferencing for Decision Support
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12) Moreover, high dose of DIDS prolongs acute phase and prevents sustained phase of HPV in the isolated rabbit lung, which proposes the different role for AE in acute and sustained phases of HPV.
20,21) Therefore, it may be concluded that DIDS increases NO - production by preventing [O.
It has been demonstrated that the stilbene drug DIDS (0.
However, according to the result of [Figure 4] and [Figure 5], the acid-extruding with HOE 694 or DIDS alone can represent the functional activity of NBC and NHE at that specific measured pH [sub]i , respectively.
The microsomal system was more sensitive to N-ethylmalemide (NEM) than the NE and the latter was insensitive to anion transport inhibitors DIDS and SITS, which strongly affect the microsomal enzyme.
Daniel's hearse was bedecked with flowers, with special family tributes in white and red bouquets spelling out his two nicknames, Scouser and DIDS.
While no long term data is available yet in the West Midlands, DIDS proved effective when piloted in South Yorkshire.
The uptake studies were performed under indirect illumination to minimize photodegradation of DIDS.
Subsequently, the lungs were randomly divided into six groups; one control normoxic group (NOX, n=4) and five hypoxic groups of control (HOX, n=7), DIDS (400 [micro]M, n=3) treated, DIDS (200 [micro]M, n=5) treated, HEPES 2 (n=4), and HEPES 1 (n=4).
3] M, serosal); DIDS (4,4'-diisothiocyanatostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid, [Cl.
DIDS has been on-line since 1973 to most wholesale logistics activities through DoD's Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN).
Driving under the influence of alcohol - four-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months, supervision order for 12 months, participate in the DIDS (Drink Impaired Drivers) programme, disqualified for three years, licence endorsed, costs pounds 50.