DIDSDistributed Intrusion Detection System
DIDSDivision of Intellectual Disabilities Services (Tennessee)
DIDSDefense Integrated Data System
DIDSDefense Intelligence Dissemination System (US DoD)
DIDSDecision Information Distribution System
DIDSDomestic Information Display System
DIDSData Item Description System
DIDSDatabase Inferencing for Decision Support
DIDSDes Idées et des Sites (French website firm)
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While no long term data is available yet in the West Midlands, DIDS proved effective when piloted in South Yorkshire.
Mr Hughes said: 'More than 90 per cent of those who have been through DIDS say it has helped with their current problems and would help again in the future.
DIDS has been on-line since 1973 to most wholesale logistics activities through DoD's Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN).
Through the use of the AUTODIN system, a simplified, transaction-oriented, machine-to-machine interface between DIDS and the logistics community was established.
However, this aspect of DIDS, which was essentially an enhancement, was postponed in favor of higher priority requirements during implementation.
In late 1976, a remote terminal was installed in the Aviation Supply Office in Philadelphia which provided direct access to the DIDS data base.
In addition, the intangible benefits predicted were: shorter supply support turn-around times; reduction of local stock number assignments; reduction of repair line downtime; improved operational readiness through the use of remote interrogation of DIDS when local ADPE systems are down, and improved customer satisfaction since technicians could provide their customer with the most current information in a more timely manner.
At the same time a search was underway for an effective telecommunications system to support DIDS.
6 kb/s trunks to handle the projected 35,000 DIDS transactions estimated to be sent on a daily basis once the system is fully operational.
Use of the DLANET allows a remotely located terminal to sign-on to the DIDS.