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Didu, M., Radu, S., Mangra, M., Dumitru, C., (2005) Preceding of World Congress & Exhibition Euro PM, 2-5 october, Prague, Czech Republic, pag.99-102.
Meanwhile, M Said Didu , the secretary of the office of the minister for state enterprises, said the government would divest a 0.38% stake in PT Kertas Basuki.
Syuaib Didu, chairman of the Muslim Youth Movement (GPI) made the remarks in an interview with Kyodo News at his organization's headquarters in Jakarta.
This time, there were DIDU victorious Villa back at New after they beat semi-final in 1920, of supporters to greet them on Unfortunately, pulled into Five.
Said Didu, secretary of the office of the state minister for state enterprises, said better corporate governance and higher commodity prices contributed to the increase in net profit.
''The burning of Franz Magnis-Suseno's books was only a symbolic action (because) all books on communism must be eliminated as they poison the younger generation,'' GPI Chairman Suaib Didu told reporters Thursday.
DIDU Aston Villa (2-3-5): Sims; Lynn, Aldis; Crowther, Dugdale, Saward; Smith, Sewell, Myerscough, Dixon, McParland.
Said Didu, secretary of the office of he state minister for state enterprises, said the merger was based on a decision taken in a general meeting of shareholders of the companies on Oct.
DIDU Little was a member of the 1975 winning team, too - also scoring the winner in the semi-final - and repeated his playing success as a manager when his class of 1996 became the last Villa side to lift the trophy.
Having destroyed some pigeons ("Didus ineptus; man's remorse / enshrines it now"), endangered others ("The Samoan / tooth-billed pigeon ...
Politinio gyvenimo praktika "formuoja ispudi, kad didus zmones staiga dingo, o zmoniu sielos uzsisklende savyje".
Australia didus no favours recently, pronouncing that they would tour Zimbabwe this summer, provided the safety and security issues were satisfactory.