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DIEBDefense Intelligence Executive Board (US DoD)
DIEBDiagnostics Immobiliers Expertise Bâtiment (French: Real Estate Expertise Building Diagnostics)
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"Nennen Sie ihn nicht einen Dieb, Herr Untersuchungsricher," sagte ich, "das ist ein hartes Wort!
En el relato seleccionado, Ein Nachmittag (Una tarde, 1911), que se incluye en su obra Der Dieb, el autor narra con gran equilibrio entre elementos de tono coloquial y recursos esteticos mas elaborados la primera frustracion amorosa que sufre el joven protagonista de la historia.
The DIEB also said that Schmid - as a Swiss national - not only had to prove his worth compared to British citizens, but to anyone living in the whole of the European Economic Area.
The salpeterisch habit of using `fighting words', such as `rogue' (Schelm) and `thief' (Dieb), to defame mullerisch peasants was as old as the factional division itself, but such verbal damnations were new to the 1760s.(98) A transitional case is that of Martin Thoma, who reportedly described one mullerisch opponent as `a traitor, rogue, and self-perjuring man; he adheres to the prelate [of St Blasien] and to the prelate adheres the devil'.(99) To be mullerisch was to risk eternal death: `all those who accuse the salpeterisch [people] of injustice [are] ...
dieb an seinem weib und kinder': GLA, 113:225, fos.
In his collection of prose pieces, Der Dieb ( The Thief, 1913), he was one of the first to develop an expressionistic prose style.
The Ministry of Environment ranger, Sok Toeut, 43, and the forest community member, Dieb Somuntha, 60, were patrolling the Samlot protected area on Friday when they spotted a tractor loaded with wood and ordered the driver to stop.
We promise you with more harsh days to come," Dieb said.
-j, -i, -i: tallei 'Dieb', [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'brutend, Bruter', [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'Wirbelwind', [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 'Zeltdorf.; enz.