DIECPDefense Item Entry Control Program
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"DIECP has provided valuable information in general terms, but on emblematic cases it has not performed a deep and solid investigation against many criminals disguised as police officer," special commission member Omar Rivera told the newspaper.
La Tribunathen said that DIECP would be replaced by the Direccion de Asuntos Disciplinarios Policiales (Police Discipline Affairs Administration, DIADIPOL).
But just over two months later, Oscar Vasquez, who was then the DIECP chief, told journalists that "DIECP should have been strengthened instead of eliminated," a decision that implies "a setback in the task to cleanse the PN."
Rivera then countered, saying that the facts reveal DIECP's "lack of efficiency and [its] ineffectiveness," adding that "the job of those in charge of the purge is to make the National Police decent and identify the future leaders of the public security body."
Three days before DIECP's announcement, Jose Murillo, a member of the nongovernmental Alianza por la Paz y la Justicia (APJ)--made up of civil-society organizations and networks--said,
In Oliva's view, police cleansing is only a matter of "image selling" to lead Hondurans as well as the international community into waiting for DIECP to produce results.
As early as June last year, The Christian Science Monitor reported that the US "suspended all aid it was giving the Honduran Direccion de Investigacion y Evaluacion de la Carrera Policial (DIECP).
Last year, "after re-evaluating assistance" to the directorate, "we determined that certain institutional reforms are necessary before the DIECP can fulfill its functions and therefore suspended US advisory assistance to the institution until further notice," the source added.
it has met with DIECP Director [Eduardo Villanueva] and has requested data to learn about progress made on [police] purging and progress made in carrying out recommendations made .
In the recommendations in its April 9 document, the committee pointed out that the DIECP structure "is not functional, there is no strategic plan, human talent is insufficient, there is a lack of training, and work is duplicated."
Based on its findings, the committee recommended DIECP be restructured to fulfill the goals set in the 2011 decree that created it.
6 by the Secretaria de Seguridad, Villanueva told reporters two days later that the DIECP had not received from the ministry the list of those discharged.