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DIEDDéveloppement Industriel Écologiquement Durable (French: Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development; Morocco)
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but base little Pip, he died a coward; died all a'shiver; --out upon Pip!
He died at home as he had wished, only this year, under the icons with a lighted taper in his hands.
ye loved her for her wealth and hated her for her pride, "And when she fell in feeble health, ye blessed her - that she died! "How shall the ritual, then, be read?
Fortunately for Lop-Ear, she died. An unusual thing happened that summer.
They died as my father had died, as Broken-Tooth had died, as my sister and the Hairless One had just died--abruptly and brutally, in the full possession of their faculties, in the full swing and rush of life.
Tell him that I died happy and collected; that I have gone to my beloved mother; that the hours of this life are nothing when balanced in the scales of eternity.
In that hole lies the bones of Chaka, the king who died for Baleka.
All that is long ago, and I have not died; though I wish to die and follow the road that Nada trod.
If the woman Unandi and her child had died that day on the veldt, the gardens of my people would not now be a wilderness, and their bones would not lie in the great gulley that is near U'Cetywayo's kraal.
But you cried in his ear a name--the name of Baleka, your sister --and he died. Let us go home, Mopo, let us go home; the darkness falls."
Robert Charles Bishop, Oldsmar Admitted 1987; Died Sept.
Glenn Bludworth, New Orleans, LA Admitted 1929; Died Nov.