DIERLDeviancy in Early Rabbinic Literature (essay book collection)
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Dierl (1978, 1979) reviewed the oriental Bombycidae that included most species from China, and reported 42 species belonging to 8 genera, including 6 new genera, 8 new species and 2 new subspecies.
According to the phylogenetic analysis based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences (COI + 18S +28S), the new genus is similar to Triuncina Dierl, 1978 with bootstrap proportion 59% in NJ tree and Bayesian posterior probability 1.00 in Bayesian tree between V.
(19) Central to Alevism is the opinion that the regulation of social life and decisions about right and wrong, is not up to God, but up to human beings (Dierl 1985: 29).