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DIESELDirect Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language (ACAD)
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It's taken a century, but more drivers are returning to the original diesel fuel: vegetable oils, a bio-fuel.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) completed a health assessment document for diesel engine exhaust that concluded that "long-term (i.
Once Niles developed the bio-diesel, he tested it in a diesel gen-set that is owned by a local entrepreneur in Thunder Bay.
The first diesel engine, which debuted at the 1900 World's Fair, ran on peanut oil.
In 1999, they found that soot-free diesel exhaust perturbed sex-hormone production in young male rats, causing the animals' sperm production to drop by one-third.
Touting recent findings that diesel emissions are YAC (Yet Another Carcinogen), several groups in California - a state that has consistently set national environmental trends - have stepped up their efforts to eliminate the use of diesel fuels.
But the forecasters expect the number of hybrid electric models on the market to increase from 10 this year to 44 by 2012, while the number of diesel models is expected to grow from 14 to 26.
But that could change with the arrival of a new breed of diesel cars that offer vastly better fuel economy than equivalent gasoline-fueled models, with little if any difference in performance.
LOW OPERATING NOISE--The main source of noise and vibration on a diesel-driven material handler is the diesel engine.
The EPA began the Clean School Bus USA program in 2003 to reduce children's exposure to diesel exhaust and to reduce the amount of air pollution created by diesel school buses.
The report also estimates 2014-2019 market development of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Industry.