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DIESELDirect Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language
DIESELDirect Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language (ACAD)
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The ruling garnered keen attention across the world, as it could spur other regions to implement similar regulations on diesel cars.
Developing a system where AdBlue could be mixed in with diesel fuel at the refinery was considered, but testing showed the solution began to decompose during the combustion process, degrading its capability to form ammonia for aftertreatment purposes.
Tom Plenys, a CCA research and policy manager, says, "Due to a child's developing body and lungs, narrower airways, faster metabolism and faster-than-adult breathing rate, children riding our buses are the most susceptible to the hazards of diesel exhaust.
Depending on the cost of diesel fuel compared to local electrical costs, the savings can provide the most obvious advantage to using an electric-driven material handler.
Hybrids, and to some extend diesel engines, gained consumer appeal as fuel prices began climbing and eventually hit record levels, then retreated somewhat in many parts of the country.
Other high-performing diesels are available from Volkswagen, the leading seller of diesel cars in the United States.
There are three options in fact: make your own processed fuel, convert your diesel vehicle to run unprocessed oils, or simply buy it in bulk.
EPA: a) There are chronic and acute health hazards from diesel engine exhaust; b) we need to learn more, especially about enhanced allergic immune responses; and c) we will need to reevaluate the health consequences as the sources of diesel exhaust, i.
Once Niles developed the bio-diesel, he tested it in a diesel gen-set that is owned by a local entrepreneur in Thunder Bay.
The first diesel engine, which debuted at the 1900 World's Fair, ran on peanut oil.
In 1999, they found that soot-free diesel exhaust perturbed sex-hormone production in young male rats, causing the animals' sperm production to drop by one-third.
These efforts in California may well serve as the prelude to a nationwide campaign: Diesel emissions are targeted by the U.