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DIFDroit Individuel à la Formation (French: Individual Right to Training)
DIFDeposit Insurance Fund (US FDIC)
DIFDifferential Item Functioning
DIFDesarrollo Integral de La Familia (Mexico)
DIFDirectory Interchange Format
DIFDanmarks Idræts-Forbund (Denmark)
DIFDeutsches Filminstitut (German Film Institute)
DIFData Interchange Format
DIFDirect Immunofluorescence
DIFDocument Interchange Format
DIFDisplay Interface
DIFDevelopment Impact Fee (public finance)
DIFDistrict Improvement Financing
DIFDorsal-Related Immunity Factor (genetics)
DIFDirectory Interoperability Forum (IBM, Lotus, Novell, Oracle, et al)
DIFData Integration Framework (information management)
DIFDeath in Family
DIFDiscriminant Index Function
DIFDrug Information Fulltext (database)
DIFDjurgårdens Idrottsförening (Swedish soccer and ice hockey club)
DIFDjurgårdens Idrottsförening (Swedish sport team)
DIFDifficulty, Importance, Frequency (performance assessment)
DIFDiabetes Institutes Foundation (Norfolk, VA)
DIFDrill-In Fluids
DIFDisplay Information Facility (IBM, S/38)
DIFDigital Interface Frame
DIFDifferential White Blood Cell Count
DIFDiscriminant Inventory Function (IRS)
DIFData Interface Format
DIFDear Little Friend (fictional, Prince Caspian -Trumpkin the dwarf)
DIFData Interchange Facility
DIFDirect Immune Fluorescence
DIFDeterministic, Irreducible Finite-State (transition diagram)
DIFDevelopmental Integration Facility
DIFDiagnostic Importance Factor
DIFDMERC (Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier) Information Form (Medicare billing)
DIFDecimation in Frequency (algorithm)
DIFDublin Irish Festival (Dublin, OH)
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The remaining one case diagnosed as BP histopathologically, was proved to be PV on DIF.
Asi, se comparan los promedios para los grupos focal y de referencia en un subtest compuesto por un conjunto de items sospechosos de mostrar DIF, lo que empareja a los participantes conforme a la puntuacion obtenida en otro subtest compuesto por el resto de los items que, se considera, no presentan DIF (subtest valido).
En la Estandarizacion se advierte un mayor numero de items con DIF en el grupo de alto CI para el rasgo Responsabilidad (40%), mientras que para el grupo focal, los items que presentan mayor DIF uniforme son los de Neuroticismo.
But the effects of DIF on the development of fiber cells in flax are still not well understood.
Testing for the presence of uniform and nonuniform DIF under ordinal logistic regression (OLR) is based on comparing three different models as follows:
La Tabla III recoge la media, la mediana y la desviacion tipica de DIF para cada asignatura junto con la significacion estadistica de la media y la mediana.
PDIC said the projection models are expected to result to better estimation procedures for determining adequacy as well as management of the DIF.
Los metodos de identificacion del DIF frecuentemente se enfocan en la opcion correcta; sin embargo, las otras opciones o las omisiones pueden ejercer un efecto importante sobre la dificultad del item y es probable que el origen del DIF se encuentre alli (Angoff, 1993).
Mantel-Haenszel methods permit DIF assessment of dichotomous and polytomous items in multiple groups simultaneously, and they can be applied both under Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory.
Different levels of measurement invariance, that is, the equivalence in the structure of the measurement and the associated item loadings and thresholds between groups, can be tested by multiple-group CFA (MG-CFA; Gregorich 2006) or item response theory (IRT)-based DIF detection approaches.