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DIFDroit Individuel à la Formation (French: Individual Right to Training)
DIFDeposit Insurance Fund (US FDIC)
DIFDifferential Item Functioning
DIFDesarrollo Integral de La Familia (Mexico)
DIFDirectory Interchange Format
DIFDanmarks Idræts-Forbund (Denmark)
DIFDeutsches Filminstitut (German Film Institute)
DIFDie in Fire
DIFData Integrity Field
DIFData Interchange Format
DIFDecimation in Frequency (algorithm)
DIFData Interface Facility
DIFDifferential Item
DIFDevice Input Format
DIFDigital Interface
DIFDublin Irish Festival (Dublin, OH)
DIFDirect Immunofluorescence
DIFDocument Interchange Format
DIFDisplay Interface
DIFDestroy in Field (retail)
DIFDevelopment Impact Fee (public finance)
DIFDistrict Improvement Financing
DIFDorsal-Related Immunity Factor (genetics)
DIFDirectory Interoperability Forum (IBM, Lotus, Novell, Oracle, et al)
DIFData Integration Framework (information management)
DIFDelaware Innovation Fund (est. 1995)
DIFDeath in Family
DIFDiscriminant Index Function
DIFDrug Information Fulltext (database)
DIFDjurgårdens Idrottsförening (Swedish sport team)
DIFDjurgårdens Idrottsförening (Swedish soccer and ice hockey club)
DIFDifficulty, Importance, Frequency (performance assessment)
DIFDiscovery Informatics Framework
DIFDiabetes Institutes Foundation (Norfolk, VA)
DIFDrill-In Fluids
DIFDisplay Information Facility (IBM, S/38)
DIFDigital Interface Frame
DIFDifferential White Blood Cell Count
DIFData Interface Format
DIFDiscriminant Inventory Function (IRS)
DIFDear Little Friend (fictional, Prince Caspian -Trumpkin the dwarf)
DIFData Interchange Facility
DIFDirect Immune Fluorescence
DIFDeterministic, Irreducible Finite-State (transition diagram)
DIFDevelopmental Integration Facility
DIFDiagnostic Importance Factor
DIFDMERC (Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier) Information Form (Medicare billing)
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Nine items were flagged with significant (p < .05) coefficients for gender DIF in science booklet number one--which corresponds to 32% of this booklet.
DIF on hair is easier and less invasive as compared to DIF on perilesional skin.1 Taking a sample for DIF from oral or skin biopsy is a relatively invasive and unpleasant method for the patient.
* SIBTEST: permite determinar si los items con DIF provocaran un fenomeno de amplificacion o de cancelacion.
El objetivo principal de esta investigacion es analizar las diferencias de sexo en la dimension de busqueda de sensaciones empleando tecnicas de dif. Para ello, en primer lugar, se procedera a analizar las diferencias de sexo en las puntuaciones observadas, seguidamente se analizara el posible dif de los items de la prueba SSS-V con distintas tecnicas de deteccion.
Diurnal temperature range set at 10degC was optimal for biomass, plant height, stem diameter, length and weight of technical stem, and fiber weight of flax, while DIF set at 5degC benefited fiber content and seed weight.
Typically, in DIF testing of medical studies, two groups are assumed to be labeled as the reference and focal groups, where patients are often placed in the latter group.
En este apartado se analiza la variable DIF. Primero de manera separada para cada una de las nueve asignaturas, y despues para una muestra formada por 25 estudiantes matriculados en las nueve asignaturas.
Orbeta maintained that the DIF is adequate and the banking sector's strong capital and liquidity condition under Basel 3 should improve the DIF in the future.
Additional problems for DIF detection in CATs arise from the incompleteness of the response matrix, as there will be a huge proportion of missing responses for adaptively applied operational items and many items may be responded by very few examinees.
La presencia de DIF puede derivarse de dos fuentes: defectos en los itemes a los que personas de grupos distintos son sensiblemente diferentes, y diferencias entre los grupos, las cuales pueden o no ser detectadas por la prueba aplicada.
Michigan consumers have a strong lineup of insurers from which to choose when shopping for health insurance coverage, said DIFS Director Anita G.