DIFF-SERVDifferential Services
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There are three types of traffic in Diff-Serv networks based on which the quality of their services are categorized.
1, shows the congestion control strategy for Diff-Serv networks.
In order to apply this controller for Diff-Serv networks such SMC there are three steps.
As expected, the first order sliding mode control has limited performance for Diff-Serv networks.
The proposed congestion control mechanism for premium and ordinary classes of a Diff-Serv network are simulated with MATLAB and the results are discussed.
With Diff-Serv, all traffic with the same tag is treated the same way, which is why it scales so well to larger networks.
Whereas Diff-Serv uses bits within a packet header to define the level of service it should receive, another draft IETF standard, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), adds a 32-bit "label" to the packet to create a virtual path for it across the network.
While Diff-Serv operates at Layer 3 of the Open Systems Interconnection model, MPLS functions at Layer 2, so the two might work together.