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DIFFSERVDifferentiated Services
DIFFSERVDifferential Services (IETF)
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The hybrid stream is used for content delivery while a dedicated bandwidth is allocated using the DiffServ for an IPTV content in order to avoid delay and jitter.
DiffServ. DiffServ is often used to ensure the QoS of backbone networks, which classifies data flows into different levels according to their QoS requirements.
This paper introduces a new method for reconfigurable distribution of available bandwidth in DiffServ router among traffic classes based on packet loss.
The disadvantage of DiffServ is that it can only provide relative QoS protection.
The primary flaw is that Quality of Service (QoS) protocols presuppose a trust relationship between the application that specifies a particular QoS level and the network that carries it out, but in today's Internet, the necessary trust relationships only exist within the boundaries of particular networks; broadband carriers such as AT&T and CenturyLink use DiffServ within their networks to ensure that voice and video streams are received with the desired quality.
In [33], the combination of IntServ and DiffServ is used in intra ONU.
The significance of using these algorithms is that, because both of these algorithms support QoS and they are class-based, they support the same type of DiffServ as UDBA.
Baker, "Configuration guidelines for DiffServ service classes," IETF RFC 4594, 2006.