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DIFFSERVDifferentiated Services
DIFFSERVDifferential Services (IETF)
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The RFC 2472 came in 1998 regarding the DiffServ model [9] trying to solve scalability issues by marking packets with a label read by the routers detailing the treatment and priority they should be given by the routers.
La arquitectura DiffServ clasifica los paquetes en la entrada de la red, y realiza un tratamiento diferente a los paquetes de acuerdo con un conjunto de clases, llamado comportamientos por salto (PHB).
Dicha propuesta considera la posibilidad de incluir el esquema PBAC (Probe Based Admission Control) como refuerzo al proceso de regulacion del campo DSCP (DiffServ Code Point) en DiffServ.
Investigating the impact of DiffServ on these optimal disjoint paths in terms of performance metrics is the main source of motivation behind this research.
Other hardware-based key features such as advanced QoS, DiffServ, IP Multicast, and IP Filtering, provide consistent feature rich performance solutions for converged next generation enterprise network applications of voice, video distribution, distance learning and mission critical data applications.
The unit incorporates an eight-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, a basic business firewall and IP QoS, with support for DiffServ and weighted fair queuing.
Other subjects examined are multicast, network management, and DiffServ.
The device offers a feature set that includes role-based access control, support for RADIUS management authentication, secure management communications with SSH and IPSec, dial backup and virtual router redundancy protocol, and IP QoS, with DiffServ and WFQ.
Ironically, most service providers have plenty of network capacity and the required technology, such as MPLS and DiffServ, at their disposal to secure a meaningful class-of-service hierarchy with service level guarantees.