DIFPDepartment of Insurance, Financial Institutions & Professional Registration (Missouri)
DIFPDocuments on Irish Foreign Policy (Ireland)
DIFPDépartement Interdisciplinaire de Formation Professionnelle (French: Interdisciplinary Department of Vocational Training; Madagascar)
DIFPDifferential Ion Flux Probe
DIFPDroit Individuel a la Formation Professionnelle (French: Individual Right to Vocational Training)
DIFPDurham Islamic Finance Programme (Durham University)
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The certification vouches that DIFP is meeting a standard that ensures all other states can rely on the department's work.
Its DIFP warns, however, that producers must ensure that a partnership policy is suitable for a customer before advising an exchange.
1 mol/L NaOH and kept at 4 [degrees]C, whereas the DIFP working solution (500 [micro]mol/L) was prepared just before use by a 20-fold dilution of the stock solution in ALP substrate buffer (23).