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DIGGDisability Information Greater Glasgow (UK)
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"Hadn't we better carry him to the sick-room?" suggests Diggs.
Gannett Co Inc (NYSE: GCI), a next-generation media company and the parent company of USA TODAY NETWORK, announced on Tuesday that it has made an investment in digital media company Digg.
Digg Reader was launched by the company after Google Reader was shutdown on July 1.
Web 2.0 social sites are some of the web's biggest and fastest growing properties, including Digg, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, and the blogosphere itself.
MJ: To those who've never heard of Digg, can you explain what it is?
According to Washington Post, Digg's five-person newsreader team would launch the product in what is anticipated to be Google's alternative aiming at a simpler and uncluttered design.
Back in 2006, Digg was amongst the top 25 web sites visited in the U.S.
They decide how popular each submitted story should be, by clicking a button that says they "digg" it.
Digg raised 45 million dollars from its investors since launching in 2004, but now, its brand, website and its technology have reportedly been sold for a sliver of that to Betaworks, a technology development firm.
What Is Popular Digg (www.digg .com) and reddit (www.reddit.com) want readers of the site to determine what is popular, and the users do this by voting on what they like.
Digg calls itself a technology news web site, but the difference is that stories it highlights are spotted, linked to, and voted on by the site's users.
A column in (http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/web/dear-twitter-dont-do-a-digg-1088924) Techradar urges Twitter not to do a Digg. It tracks the journey of Digg and how it made an impact that could "knock any site off the Internet."