DIGMDance Initiative Greater Manchester (UK)
DIGMDiffusion Induced Grain Boundary Migration
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Moreover, the KSU has already reached an accord with Digm Automotive Technology in South Korea to develop a car that would carry a price tag of around $ 10,000.
With the advent of the social revolution, the para- digm of power is shifting from the hands of the brand to the consumer's fingertips.
However, King Saud University has already reached an agreement with Digm Automotive Technology of South Korea to develop a vehicle that would carry a price tag under $10,000.
Para- digm shifts and tectonic plates fea- ture in their mission statement.
Riyadh Valley, a KSU affiliate, will have a 15 percent stake while South Korea's Digm Automotive Technologies will have 30 percent.
Augmentation through tech is an interesting para- digm for brands too.
How do we re-subvert that para- digm and shift it back to where it potentially should have been in the first place, which is an integrated solution to a cli- ent'sproblem.
Jeon, president of Digm Automotive Technologies in South Korea.
An award show has to surprise, be discontinu- ous and provide a para- digm shift in perspec- tive.
In a rapidly changing world in which Af- rica constantly seeks relevance, new para- digms of leadership need to be considered that are better aligned to a more progressive agenda than what is currently on offer from a disengaged Nigeria-South Africa axis.
In 1963, when I had an opportunity to visit the classical European ant collections, I took along digms of T.
Therefore, further experiments were conducted using the three doses (100, 200 and 300 mg/kg body wt.) of only the aqueous extract in the shuttle-box, step-through apparatus, step-down apparatus and elevated-plus-maze para digms. The rats were divided into 3 sets of 4 groups each.