DIGMADrop-In Group Medical Appointment
DIGMADesign Industry Group of Massachusetts (est. 2007)
DIGMADatabase of Instruments for Gender Mainstreaming (Belgium)
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SCENE FROM 'Musmos Na Sumibol Sa Gubat Ng Digma (Unless The Water Is Safer Than The Land)' (Screengrab from YouTube)
The book is flavored by the author's experience with drop-in group medical appointments (DIGMAs) but it also discusses other types of group visits (shared medical appointments).
Had a protectorate been established over the country to the foot of the hills, and a force sufficient to maintain it left there, the great bulk of the tribesmen would have willingly given in their allegiance [to their leaders] [...]; but the fact that we hastened away after fighting, and afforded no protection whatever to the friendly natives, effectually deterred others from throwing in their lot with us, and enabled Osman Digma [their leader] gradually to restore his power and influence among them.
Por consiguiente, el para digma de la competencia sociocultural no predice aquellos intercambios, cada vez mas numerosos, en que hablantes de diferentes culturas se comunican por medio de una lengua (generalmente europea) que no esta asociada a ninguna de sus culturas respectivas, ni puede dar cuenta de ellos.
A reducao do unidades de negocios assalariamento e baseadas no para- digma entendida como da anterior nao sao tendencia vinculada substituidas por outras a nova organizacao do engajadas no novo sistema trabalho.
"Through breathing, we're teaching them that the mind and body can be connected," says Digma Stockelman, who teaches in San Diego, California.
The Digma HSC 300 high-speed vertical machining center is designed for moldmaking and electrode manufacturing.
Import house Hansco Technologies (Montvale, N.J.), whose product lines include Esco screw machines, LCA gantry-type MCs, K'MX Swiss-type turning centers, Willemin high-precision machining centers, and others, will now handle high-speed machining centers from Digma G.m.b.H.
Manoj Nagwani At Digma under sargaw D/C AE(T) W/Zone A%Pur (A437806118.0015) Opening date : 25 Sep 2018 Period of contract : 45 days
Digma high-speed vertical machining centers feature 1.7 G acceleration, 42,000 rpm and 1,576 ipm travel for moldmaking and electrode manufacturing.
Marivic Digma from OWWA assisted Filipino workers on processing their Overseas Employment Certificates and addressed labor-related concerns, while Mr.
Martika Escobar's 'Ang Pagbabalik ng Kwago,' Jay Abello's 'Pinay Beauty,' Allan Ibanez and Dexter Hemedez's 'Pilot,' and Rae Red's 'Barbie at Baril' were replaced by Perci Intalan's 'Distance,' Louie Ignacio's 'School Service,' Afi Africa's 'The Lookout' and Iar Arondaing's 'Musmos na Sumibol sa Gubat ng Digma.'