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The Bulgarian delegation will be acquainted with the work of DIICOT and the achieved results and targets in the fight against organized crime and terrorism in our northern neighbour.
During the visit, meetings will also take place with DIICOT Chief Prosecutor Felix Banila and Head of International Cooperation at the Directorate, Kamelia Stoina.
DIICOT also charged a former vice-president of the administration council or Banca Transilvania, Claudiu Silaghi, and Bank of Cyprus employees Anastasios Iskidis, along with four other individuals.
DIICOT said Ciorcila sold 8.9 million of shares to Bank of Cyprus through his own Cyprus-based offshore firm in 2009.
DIICOT reported it had detained Harry Mironescu, a gynaecologist and de facto head of the clinic, his son Yair Miron and Borzea Cecilia, a Romanian employee, for 24 hours and begun a criminal investigation against them.
The company's profile is negatively affected by the dominant share of short-term credit facilities in its debt portfolio (59% of total debt at end-June 2018), most of which need to be rolled over annually, contingent risk from the DIICOT investigation, double seizure on RRC, and the lowest refining margins and throughput volumes among rated European peers.
Uncertain Outcome of DIICOT Investigation: In 2016 DIICOT launched an investigation against 14 people in connection with the privatisation of the Petromidia refinery.
- Resolution of DIICOT litigation without material negative consequences for KMGI