DIILSDefense Institute of International Legal Studies
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Since February 2004, DIILS has conducted an ongoing series of seminars and training missions for Afghan Ministry of Defense and Afghan National Army lawyers, at the request of OMC-A.
This training was one of a number of significant education events held with the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) and General Staff lawyers this year, and is part of a larger, on-going, security cooperation initiative requiring DIILS instruction throughout the year.
DIILS, located in Newport, Rhode Island, is currently scheduled to deploy its mobile training teams to Kabul a few more times this year.
Contributing towards those partnership capabilities, interests, and goals, DIILS is a joint organization that reports directly to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).
The DIILS Seminar in the host country helps advance the developing relationship between the U.
In June 2005 DIILS and MNSTC-I worked on a follow-on seminar.
DIILS provides expertise in over 320 legal topics of Military Law, Justice Systems, and the Rule of Law, with an emphasis on the execution of Disciplined Military Operations through both resident courses and mobile education teams.
The first week the DIILS team was led by Brigadier General Richard O'Meara, USA(ret.
Yet, the weakness of numbers is that they do not convey the effort or effects of a program, and the extraordinary energy that has made DIILS a successful organization.
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award to DIILS on 27 August 2001.
Lieutenant General Walters awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal to Commander Waltman and recognized Waltman for bringing DIILS to new levels of achievement.
Through the ingenuity and dedication of the original staff, DIILS launched a training program that now is the world's largest provider of E-IMET, conducting 451 programs for 13,688 participants in 75 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe.