DIILSDefense Institute of International Legal Studies
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However, in some cases, the Regional Defense Counterterrorism Fellowship (RDCTF) program was used to fund attendance at new courses specifically focused on counterterrorism, such as Combating Terrorism in a Democratic Society and Civil-Military Responses to Terrorism offered primarily at the same institutions that had previously seen students from Central Asia, such as the Center for Civil-Military Relations at NPS and the DIILS.
79) Except as otherwise noted, information on DIILS was taken from
Since February 2004, DIILS has conducted an ongoing series of seminars and training missions for Afghan Ministry of Defense and Afghan National Army lawyers, at the request of OMC-A.
This training was one of a number of significant education events held with the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) and General Staff lawyers this year, and is part of a larger, on-going, security cooperation initiative requiring DIILS instruction throughout the year.
Contributing towards those partnership capabilities, interests, and goals, DIILS is a joint organization that reports directly to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).
In June 2005 DIILS and MNSTC-I worked on a follow-on seminar.
82) DIILS also incorporates gender-based violence issues in mobile courses, and has addressed VAW in occasional special courses prepared on request for foreign militaries.
Originally a part of the Naval Justice School, DIILS has become a major part of the Expanded International Military Education and Training Program.
Baker to receive an orientation tour of DIILS and briefings on the DIILS mission, and to engage in extensive discussions with the DIILS staff on their various responsibilities.
CDR Waltman served as the fourth Director of DIILS, from June 15, 1999 to August 14, 2001.
DIILS is the number one provider worldwide of training under the Congressionally mandated expanded international military education and training (E-IMET) program.