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DIISDanish Institute for International Studies (Denmark)
DIISDirect Inversion in the Iterative Subspace (Pulay mixing)
DIISDraft Integrated Impact Statement (community study; Australia)
DIISDirectorate for Intelligence and Information Security
DIISDECCO Integrated Information System
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Urged by Greenland Premier Hans Enoksen, Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Ras-mussen commissioned the DIIS to undertake a historical study of the circumstances surrounding the decolonization of Greenland by which Greenland became a part of the Danish realm in 1953.
28 Mona Kanwal Sheikh, "Disaggregating the Pakistani Taliban Does the good, the bad and the ugly Taliban distinction represent a failed policy," DIIS Brief, Copenhagen: (September 2009).
Beyond," paper given to the DIIS Conference on Missile
Anatomy of the Regulatory Failure in Finance", DIIS Working Paper No.
The Atlantic Alliance's New Strategic Concept, DIIS Report 2009:04 (Copenhagen: Danish Institute for International Security, 2009), 14, http://www.
I would like to thank the participants at the COST Action workshop in Oslo, at a research seminar at the Danish Institute for Military Studies, and my colleagues here at DIIS for very valuable discussions.
Peter Albrecht, a researcher at DIIS, advocated for an expanded understanding of what the state is, to include actors at the local level.
Birgitte Lind Petersen, a researcher at DIIS, pointed to the importance of education.
The China Inbound Innovation Mission to Australia was organised by Austrade and DIIS to explore opportunities for Chinese companies to invest and do business with Australia in this exciting field.