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DIKDera Ismail Khan (Pakistani city)
DIKDesign Is Kinky (est. 1998; Sydney, Australia)
DIKDonations in Kind (Rotary Clubs)
DIKData, Information and Knowledge (informatics)
DIKDokumentation Information Kultur (Nacka, Sweden)
DIKDelta Iota Kappa
DIKDesert Island Keeper
DIKDirect Input Keys (computer programming)
DIKDrielanden-Ingenieurs-Kontact (Dutch: Drielanden Contact Engineers)
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It may be mentioned here that this was the second PAC in-camera meeting to ascertain the causes of the Reqo Dik scam.
BEIRUT: Reigning Lebanese champions Riyadi suffered their first loss of the season Sunday after an 82-80 loss to title rivals Champville in Dik al-Mehdi.
He was talking with Umar Farooq Miankhel convenor Justice Party from DIK who called on him in Peshawar and expressed concern on nefarious motives of center for ignoring KP and its govt of the CPEC developments as well as expressed solidarity with KP govt on this crucial issue.
French & Domene, 2010; Oates, Hall, & Anderson, 2005; Zhang, Dik, Wei, & Zhang, 2015).
With help from agency interns, Dik builds data profiles--including experience mods, rating systems and current premiums--on these potential insureds from free and publication information from the state, and puts all of that information into an Excel spreadsheet.
Dik reported February 14 that just micrometers under the surface, buried layers of white lead paint outlined three additional iterations of the servant's face in various locations.
He explained that DIK was just putting the election legislation into effect and that they had not yet received any official information that the early parliamentary elections would be held on the same day with the second round of the presidential poll--27 April.
For the purposes of this article, however, Dik and Duffy's (2009) definition of calling will be used:
Replacing Mestulov as general manager at Moby Dik will be Alexander Dudko, who most recently served as operations director of VSC.
Saad bin Abdulrahman Al-Bazai, the Saudi-German Parliamentary Friendship Committee held a meeting here today with the German Deputy Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Wolfgang Dik.
Time Topic 08:30 Mass service on Saint Jacob Day at Martyr Saint Mema Church in Deir Mimas 08:00 Long way tour from Qahmez to Baydar ash-Shawk, commanded by adventurer Maxim Shaaya 09:00 Under the auspices of Social Affairs minister Salim Sayegh, to hold annual sports ceremony in favor of children of special needs, at Champville play yard in Dik Mehdi 11:00 Press syndicate to receive condolences on its former chief Zuhair Oseiran 15:00 >21:00 Social Affairs minister Salim Sayegh's visit program in Western Bekaa, Rashaya and Hasbaya 17:00 The National Liberal Party to hold mass for the rest soul of martyrs Dany, Tarek, Ingrid and Julian, at Saint Antonio Church in Sodeco
You know what that is - the "dik dik dik daka daka daka daka daka' noise that you get on your car radio now and again.