DILAGDifferential Laser Gyroscope
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was obligated for the construction and repair of other damaged structures, such as construction of a comfort room in Dilag P100,000; construction of deepwell in Maligaya, Dilag P200,000; rehab of Sal-oc water works in Bangad P300,000, and repair of PNP barracks P350,000.
For Tabuk City, particularly barangay Dilag, P136,000 was released to136 families while a separate amount of P360,000 was allocated to 36 families with totally damaged houses.
12), e vasto o publico-alvo desta obra e do DILAG --filologos, linguistas, historiadores (em particular os da ciencia e da medicina) e antropologos.
''To dispel any suspicion or doubt on my future action regarding this case, I am voluntarily inhibiting myself,'' Dilag told ANC television.
Lawyers for the victim filed a motion Thursday asking Dilag to step down from the case, saying Dilag's son, who is a lawyer, had worked for a law firm defending one of the servicemen.
Dilag said his son quit the law firm in question two years ago.
In fact, Torre and Director David Villanueva recently attempted to pass a board resolution that all records of board meetings remain concealed inside the board room and cannot be taken out by the directors themselves, which was vehemently opposed by Director Lorendo Dilag. What are they trying to hide?
The local government unit has shifted to Technology for Waste Diversion Facility and installed a granulator Markell machine for the processing of bio and non-bio waste materials at its Dilag open dump site in Sitio Bayabay this city.
DAIKIN PRESS CONFERENCE - Shown at the Daikin Airconditioning Philippines, Inc., press conference on February 26, 2015 (from left) are Michiyuki Uemura, DPH President, Jed Caburian, Division Manager for sale operation, Arianne Dilag, Assistant Manager for the technical support group, Terry Alejandro, parts supervisor, Alan Young, Consultant-Regional VRU Sales, Daikin Singapore.
Dilag said their investigation showed the assailants of the older Ilagan were two alleged robbers who were killed several hours later supposedly in a shootout with policemen.
Dilag said the San Pablo police set up checkpoints in the city following Ilagan's death and at around 9 a.m., also on Wednesday, policemen manning the checkpoint in Barangay 1-C flagged down for inspection a passenger tricycle but the two persons on board - later identified as Mario Jose Pineda and Rosano Arceo - drew guns, prompting the police to retaliate.