DILDDream-Initiated Lucid Dream
DILDDrug-Induced Liver Disease
DILDDiffuse Infiltrative Lung Disease
DILDDiffuse Interstitial Lung Disease
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DILD is usually considered a diagnosis of exclusion of other diseases.
Abbreviations DILD --drug-induced lung diseases APT --amiodarone pulmonary toxicity BOOP --bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia ARDS --acute respiratory distress syndrome BAL --bronchoalveolar lavage BPT --bleomycin pulmonary toxicity NILT --nitrofurantoin-induced lung toxicity CT --computed tomography
For tax years beginning after 2003, subsequent legislation (S 2149) disallowed the DRD for dividends received directly or indirectly from a 1LIC and extended the DILD disallowance to dividends received indirectly from a REIT.