DILGDepartment of Interior and Local Government
DILGDive Industry Liaison Group (Port of Melbourne Corporation; Australia)
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The Summit was sponsored by the PGO-PDRRMO and partners SURGE, Christian Aid, Handicap International, Oxfam, Plan, Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection of the European Commission, DILG, DND and RDRRMC.
As DILG chief starting 2010, he wanted all local government leaders to undertake the fight for reform and transparency in the procurement of services and materials, using people's money.
After his stint as a mayor and before he was appointed as DILG secretary, that was the time when Robredo formed the EoACAyKaya Natin (We can do it) Movement.
Like any other accused local government official, he has to go through the legal process," the DILG chief said.
TSTI) of Ronald Diola, WorldWater, TSTI and DILG have organized a 40-man assessment group broken down into 10 teams of engineers, hydrogeologists and social development workers.
Said projects were under the Recovery Assistance for Yolanda (RAY) where DILG exercises its supervisory and quality control functions over the LGUs by reviewing and monitoring, repair and rebuilding projects identified by the LGU officials.
The DILG sees this as a tremendous loss, and expressed its profound sympathy for the bereaved family.
Panadero said LGUs will be required to have the good local governance seal as one of the requirements to avail not only of the Performance Challenge Fund but also funding support for other DILG programs such as the Bottom-Up Budgeting and Konkreto at Ayos na Lansangan at Daan Tungo sa Pangkalahatang Kaunlaran (KALSADA) and the BuB for barangays.
Initial investigations conducted by the DILG and the IATF showed that Ace Shutter Corp.
So far, among the present crop of politicians, Mar remains a serious contender given the president's support and his pivotal role as DILG secretary.
The Filipino Channel (TFC) Correspondent Delfin Montenegro hoped that Robredo's exemplary track record as DILG chief will inspire his successors.
DILG has also instructed village officials to work with PDEA in identifying persons connected to the trafficking of illegal drugs.