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DILIGENTDigital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Technologies
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Whereas, when they looked on the colony of the other two, there was the very face of industry and success upon all they did; there was not a weed to be seen in all their corn, or a gap in any of their hedges; and they, on the other hand, verified Solomon's words in another place, "that the diligent hand maketh rich"; for everything grew and thrived, and they had plenty within and without; they had more tame cattle than the others, more utensils and necessaries within doors, and yet more pleasure and diversion too.
The diligent lived well and comfortably, and the slothful hard and beggarly; and so, I believe, generally speaking, it is all over the world.
I would gladly have taken a dozen of the natives, but this was a thing the emperor would by no means permit; and, besides a diligent search into my pockets, his majesty engaged my honour "not to carry away any of his subjects, although with their own consent and desire."
But three weeks had already passed, and the most diligent search had been unsuccessful; the attempted robbery and the murder of the robber by his comrade were almost forgotten in anticipation of the approaching marriage of Mademoiselle Danglars to the Count Andrea Cavalcanti.
Early the next morning (13th January, 1833) , diligent search was made about the neighborhood for traces of the reported parties of white men.
To be sure, they were hardly as silent and demure as those wonderful creatures, nor were they by any means as diligent. To tell the truth they were somewhat inclined to be lazy, but a perfect tumult of hilarity prevailed; and they worked together so unitedly, and seemed actuated by such an instinct of friendliness, that it was truly beautiful to behold.
Minister of State in the PMO Jitendra Singh said on Monday that "diligent and innovative" initiatives of Prime Minister were brining laurels from across the world.
Asked if his rating was due to the Senate's stand against the 'pork insertions' allegedly made by the House of Representatives before the signing of the 2019 budget, Sotto said the upper chamber had always been 'diligent' even before the issue.
Summary: Women are intelligent, prudent, pragmatic, diligent and earnest.
17 (Petra) - Following orders of His Majesty King Abdullah and his diligent follow-up, the government and security agencies managed to repatriate the main suspect in the "tobacco case" Awni Mutee, through continuing monitoring, communication and coordination with concerned Turkish authorities.
Miami-based pest and pollution control specialist Diligent Services recently added SWPPP Compliant Concrete Washout Solutions to its offerings, thus far dispatching rolloff vessels to such high profile projects as the Hard Rock Hotel (shown here), Cleveland Clinic in Weston, and Port of Miami Cruise Terminal.
Global Banking News-October 2, 2018-Empire State Realty Trust signs lease with Diligent Corporation for 111 West 33rd Street in New York