DILSData Integration in the Life Sciences (international workshop series)
DILSDiffuse Infiltrative Lymphocytosis Syndrome (HIV symptom)
DILSDepartment of Information and Library Studies (various universities)
DILSDirected Independent Language Study (various universities)
DILSDeliverable Items List and Schedule (US NASA)
DILSDoppler-Inertial-Loran System
DILSDigoxin-Immunoreactive Like Substance
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The book, which is illustrated by Christopher Fowler, is expected to be "a beacon" for MHCP, says Dils, who says it represents just the kind of literature the publisher wants to promote.
While the juvenile literature field is an important developing market for MHCP, the company is not resting on its laurels in the educational realm, says Dils.
Parents are going to be more involved than ever in their children's schooling and testing," says Dils.
Itescu discovered that tests for two autoantibodies -- anti-Ro and anti-La -- which are often indicative of primary Sjogren's syndrome, are usually negative in people with DILS.
Despite the differences between DILS and Sjogren's, they both have strong genetic associations.
Itescu's initial findings about DILS, which he first described four years ago in the British journal The Lancet, have been verified through studies of dozens of additional people with the disease.
Itescu believes his discovery of DILS allows him the unusual opportunity as a researcher to look at both the environmental and hereditary factors that affect development of disease.
In people with DILS, treatment with the AIDS drug AZT causes salivary gland swelling to diminish significantly "because we're treating the virus that drives the whole process," Dr.