DIMAXDeutscher Immobilienaktienindex (German real-estate shares share index)
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Finally the distinct sources for diffusion flames for PFI were visualized by optical access via endoscopes to both one combustion chamber and one intake port using PCO Dimax high-speed cameras.
The rate of image acquisition by the PCO Dimax high-speed cameras was set to a framerate of 6000 frames/s.
The ambassador commented by saying "Art bridges different cultures and brings people closer together." He said he is very thankful to the talented Brazilian painter Dimax for showing his artworks in Islamabad.
The ambassador said these characteristics are very much those of the young generations of Brazilian artists, of which Dimax is a major representative.
A Gestas comento Dimax: "Obama, por Cancumbrita, a Calderon felicita: ?Por que si no tuvo climax del Clima la fiestecita?" Del fracaso no me cebo, pero tan solo recuerdo: llegaron a miniacuerdo, fue criticado por Evo, mas lo aprobaron a ...
Para alcanzar el dimax sexual se requiere de una Laboriosa complicidad entre estimulos psicologicos y sensoriales, y tambien de que ciertas areas criticas del cerebro <<guarden silencio>>.
The new channel partners include Integrated Business Solutions, DiMax Inc, OpenWater Solutions LLC, and Newstream Technologies.
The core has a maximum Distribution Index (DImax) of about 6,000 g/m3 and the DImax is the maximum DI(i,j,) value on the absorbent article.
But the difference between them and Ako Adjei is that he was an actor on the stage on which our national drama unfolded and reached its moments of greatest dimax, and never a mere spectator.