DIMEFILDiplomatic, Information, Military, Economic, Financial, Intelligence and Law Enforcement (Elements of National Power; US DoD)
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The concept puts forward the idea of an offsetting strategy where US agencies do not work in silos but actively share common goals, priorities, processes, and a scorecard to conduct DIMEFIL shaping progress.
The offsetting strategy must be composed of coherent regional counter--A2/AD strategies whose DIMEFIL means are flexible enough to apply to all A2/AD threats.
DIMEFIL is an extension of the DIME construct that can be found in the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism (NSCT) and the National Military Strategic Plan for the War on Terrorism (NMSP-WOT).
Interim Field Manual FMI 3-07.22, Counterinsurgency Operations, used the acronym MIDLIFE to describe the same instruments of national power as the acronym DIMEFIL. FMI 3-07.22 expired on 1 October 2006 and was replaced by FM 3-24, but the acronym MIDLIFE still lives on, probably because it is easier to remember and to say.
All of the currently used tools for analyzing the OE (including DIME, DIMEFIL, MIDLIFE, ASCOPE, and PMESII), provide a wide variety of constructs for analyzing both friendly and adversary systems.
As part of the process of analyzing strengths and weaknesses, surveying how different elements of national power can be utilized, indeed, thinking carefully about DIMEFIL makes sense and can certainly generate insights into the types of solutions available to solve national security problems.