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DIMERDelaware Institute for Medical Education and Research
DIMERDistribuidora de Mercadeo SA (Guatemala)
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Although their overall structures are similar, the important residues for tetramer (dimer B-C' with dimer A-D') formation are quite different.
The researchers found that the ruthenium monomers remained isolated in the semiconductor _ increasing conductivity _ even though thermodynamics should return the molecules to their original configuration as dimers. Antoine Kahn, a Princeton professor who leads the research team, said the physical layout of the molecules inside the doped semiconductor provides a likely answer to this puzzle.
Ozet: Alkil Keten Dimer (AKD) seluloz ve turevleri icin uygun olan yaygin bir ic tutkallama ajanidir.
Notwithstanding the previously discussed, differences were observed among the analyzed PC dimers. In general terms, the dimers PB3 and PB4 in their conformation Com were the ones that showed the lowest values for all the variables associated with the chemical potential, while the dimer PB8 presented the highest values (Table 2).
"This decision has been difficult because it impacts employees in Kankakee and our dimer and polyamide customers," said Gerry Podesta, senior vice president for Dispersions and Pigments in North America.
Dimer molecules absorb light in a distinctive pattern, and the rate at which they form is sensitive to the pressure, or density, in the planet's atmosphere.
Single nanostructure, dimer, and arrays have been highly studied, respectively.
Immunoprecipitation of Depleted Plasma and Western Blot Analysis for Detection of HLA-G Monomer and Dimer. 100 [micro]L of depleted plasma were mixed with 100 [micro]L of cold RIPA buffer and incubated on ice for 15 min.
The tetrameric enzyme is a dimer of dimers, with higher dissociation energy for the dimers than for its assembly.
Validation, calibration, and specificity of quantitative D dimer assays.