DIMIDalli International Marketing, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
DIMIDirect Impact Marketing Inc.
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DIMI is iPico's data and connectivity architecture, focusing on the delivery of high-volume spotting information and application, as well as reader management within distributed systems.
In contrast, the DIMI architecture enables local decision-making by storing local information, buffering, out-of-band data resolution, and event mechanisms.
DIMI also ensures integrity of the network and security to information.
Some applications that DIMI has been operational in or is in pilot include intelligent transport systems, data security, and integrity device for product authenticity, and sports time keeping.
DIMI Konstantopoulos says he's "delighted" to sign a one-year contract extension with Boro.
DIMI KONSTANTOPOULOS has joined Swansea City on a one-month loan and goes straight into the squad for today's match against Southampton.
DIMI Konstantopoulos hasn't given up hope of making his Premier League debut with Middlesbrough.