DIMIADepartment of Immigration & Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs (Australia)
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However, I note that DIMIA gave evidence to the 2005 Senate Inquiry that special needs are taken into account as follows:
Egypt, along with eight other countries including Jordan had been pushed up the "immigration risk" scale of DIMIA, which categorizes applicants from their nations and thus tightens or relaxes visa conditions.
An 'officer' included a DIMIA officer, a customs officer, a protective services officer, a member of the Australian Federal Police or State or Territory police, 'or any other person authorised by the Minister'.
7) A DIMIA 'Fact Sheet' (2001: 2) claims that findings from the LSIA 'strongly suggest that a program which is weighted more towards skilled migration will have better overall labour market outcomes and thus a better economic impact than a program which is weighted towards family reunion migration'.
Much of this and the following sections is based on DIMIA (2001a).
These trials further DIMIA investigations into the use of biometric technology to support their Immigration and Border Management Business Strategy.
Departmental officers used these remarks to assist them to prepare submissions on cases for ministerial consideration: DIMIA, Submission No 24, 27, cited in Ministerial Discretion Report, above n 3, 47,14.
DIMIA noted that humanitarian entrants had an unemployment rate of 32% when compared with other cohorts of migrants who had entered Australia under different migration schemes.
Your Victorian application will take 8-12 weeks to process, then your application to the DIMIA can take 3-6 months (rather than the 1-2 years it normally takes).
In September, DIMIA officials arrived on Nauru to 'counsel' people on their options.
DIMIA suspended the processing of Afghani asylum seekers in detention centres in the expectation that they would soon be able to repatriate the detainees with the defeat of the Taliban.