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DIMMDual In-line Memory Module
DIMMDifferential Image Motion Monitor
DIMMDynamic Inline Memory Module
DIMMDefense Integrated Material Management
DIMMInteracting Multiple Model Aided by Doppler Measurements
DIMMDesigning Interactive Multimedia Instruction
DIMMDevil in My Mind
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5Gb/s network connectivity per node, up to 32GB ECC DDR3 1600/1333MHz SO-DIMM in 2x DIMM sockets per node, 1x 2.
In terms of speed, Kingmax's new DIMMs run at 1,333 MHz and 1,600 MHz, at a capacity of 4GB and 8GB.
The FS2501 DIMM Interposer is an industry-leading product that provides a passive connection from the customer's DDR4 target to the Agilent U4154A logic analyzer and provides customers with DDR4 2133 1.
The new FB DIMM also increases system efficiencies as board design is facilitated due to minimal circuiting.
We believe our new DIMM product is an excellent response to server market demand - for example, from data center customers - for low-power and high-density performance.
Elpida's new DIMMs (Part numbers: EBE21RD4ABHA-xx) are based on Elpida's 512 Megabit DDR2 SDRAM devices that operate up to 533 Megabits per second (Mbps).
a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, announced new Fully Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) test solutions for logic analyzers in conjunction with Nexus Technology and will demonstrate both FB-DIMM and second generation PCI Express test solutions for their industry leading oscilloscopes.
The new 512 MB SDRAM DIMM is specially designed to fit in the bottom and the top memory expansion slots of the Apple Powerbook G4 [Titanium], allowing users to upgrade the system's main memory up to 1 GB [Gigabyte] of RAM, which surpasses the current memory upgrade option of 512 MB.
A key attribute of the fully-buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) channel architecture is the high-speed, serial, point-to-point connection between the memory controller and modules on the channel.
The AMB interface is responsible for handling FB-DIMM channel and memory requests to and from the local DIMM and for forwarding the requests to other DIMMs.
Qimonda compared the energy used by both its 1GB DDR2 DIMM and 2GB DDR2 DIMM products to 1GB-density DDR2 DIMM devices from other companies.
Emerging FB- DIMM products will deliver the high-performance memory required by tomorrow's high-speed communication and graphics applications, and having leading companies like NEC Electronics Corporation deliver Advanced Memory Buffer devices is vital to enabling this important server memory technology.