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Among the many whose hearts have fallen captive to Jonasson's prose is Icelandic Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir, who gives high praise for his latest harrowing tale, "Dimma the Darkness holds the reader from the first page to the last."
"My Fasaeen are inspired by art and literature such as the Kalilah Wa Dimma by Ibn Al-Muuqafa'a, Animal Farm by George Orwell, and the old poets of the pre-Islamic period.
The latter is especially useful and is placed within the context of the Cathach (49), the Antiphonary of Bangor (51) as well as the Book of Dimma (51-52) and Book of Mulling (52), among others.
Highly populated refugee camps in Ethiopia such as Itang, Finyudo and Dimma were hosting hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese refugees during the 21 years of war with Khartoum which ended in 2005.
The Dimma chair and stool conceived by Swedish designer Alexander Lervik pay homage to classic furniture--the Thonet bistro chair and classic British bar stool, respectively.
Introduction of a prothetic vowel *e- before word-initial clusters of obstruent + sonorant, e.g., [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ebra, Mlahso ebro, Turoyo abro < MidAr *br-a 'son' or [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] esma, Turoyo [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] < MidAr *sm-a 'name.' In contrast, most NENA dialects resyllabify the initial cluster by geminating the sonorant, as in simma 'name' or dimma < MidAr *dm-a 'blood.' MidAr [TEXT NOT Mlahso Turoyo REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] *bra 'son' ebra ebro abro *bnayya ~ *bne 'sons' bno abne *dma 'blood' edma admo *sma 'name' esma [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] *snayya ~ *sne 'years' isno [snaye] [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] *tmal 'yesterday' esmol [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] MidAr Hertevin J.
Bill Dimma, a distinguished veteran of governance with experience on 55 corporate boards and almost as many nonprofits, has diagnosed what he calls "the classic board dilemma." In his marvelous book, Tougher Boards for Tougher Times, Bill reminds us that right up to the time of their demise, the boards of Enron and Nortel were composed of people with outstanding talent and credentials.