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DIMPDiisopropyl Methylphosphonate
DIMPDynamic Internet Messaging Program (webmail system)
DIMPDigital Information Management Program (State Library of North Carolina)
DIMPDistribution Integrity Management Programs (Oil and Gas industry)
DIMPDiscrete Industries & Mill Products (SAP Solution)
DIMPDark Improvised Music Project
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Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a See More and Aspire learning journey on a trip to either Silverstone racing circuit courtesy of DIMP and Renault UK, or visit Star City and embark on nature walks around Sandwell area.
8220;Field Express will greatly improve the overall management in accordance with the new DIMP regulations.
Spatial Roundtable invites gas utility leaders to give their opinions about moving GIS beyond the engineering department and using it as an analytic tool for DIMP requirements," Brook said.
Several LDCs also included the cost of DIMP plan development tools.
The increase in consumption as well as new legislative and regulatory changes, such as DIMP, will result in increased opportunities for gas distribution contractors.
Gas distribution companies must develop and implement formal DIMP plans by August 2011 as required by the U.
Also, where operators have existing programs addressing any threat, SHRIMP allows the user to incorporate these programs into the DIMP plan.
I'm not saying they are not necessary, but there have been a lot, including Operator Qualification, Public Awareness and DIMP (distribution integrity management program).
In my 30 plus years in the LDC business I've lived through Drug & Alcohol, OQ, 1162, DIMP and now Greenhouse gas reporting.
The DIMP rule covers all one million-plus miles owned by intrastate gas companies but does not require internal inspection of pipeline (as the gas transmission IM program does), mostly because the smaller-diameter distribution pipes don't take PIGs, Instead, distribution companies will have 18 months (by Aug.
P&GJ: How are the gas utilities progressing in terms of DIMP, including inspecting unpiggable pipelines?
The DIMP covers nearly 10,000 natural gas operators (about 200 of them the predominant local companies) with a combined total of 1,138,000 miles of mains.