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DIMSDoes it Make Sense
DIMSData Information Management System
DIMSDansk Idrætsmedicinsk Selskab (Denmark)
DIMSDoom Induced Motion Sickness
DIMSDSCS Integrated Management System
DIMSDrilling Information Management System
DIMSDigital Image Management System (radiology)
DIMSDynamic Importance Sampling
DIMSDocument Information Management System
DIMSDifficulty in Maintaining Sleep
DIMSDeficiency Item Management System
DIMSDirectory Information Management System
DIMSDefense Integrated Management System
DIMSDNA-based Immunomodulatory Sequence (pharmaceutical products under development)
DIMSDharani International Management Studies (India)
DIMSDépannage Installation Maintenance Service (French: Installation Maintenance Service Repairs)
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They turned into a long, dim corridor that was lined on either side with tall, graceful plants.
He halted, and looked down upon a man who lay in a dim light, and had not noticed us thus far, or spoken.
They're mostly dim and smoky, or like they're made out of fog, but this one wasn't.
And when a Woman is invisible, or visible only as a dim sub-lustrous point, how difficult must it be, even for the most cautious, always to avoid collision!
All the time the strangeness of him was shaping itself in my mind; and as I talked I peered at his odd, pallid face in the dim light of the binnacle lantern behind me.
The dim suggestion of the laboratory seemed presently to fall away from me, and I saw the sun hopping swiftly across the sky, leaping it every minute, and every minute marking a day.
And strange, too, it is to stand on Primrose Hill, as I did but a day before writing this last chapter, to see the great province of houses, dim and blue through the haze of the smoke and mist, vanishing at last into the vague lower sky, to see the people walking to and fro among the flower beds on the hill, to see the sight-seers about the Mar- tian machine that stands there still, to hear the tumult of playing children, and to recall the time when I saw it all bright and clear-cut, hard and silent, under the dawn of that last great day.
There may be fairer gardens light the plain; Thine are the dim blue hills more fair than they.
Then into the forest little Annie went; and as she passed along the dim, cool paths, the wood-flowers smiled up in her face, gay squirrels peeped at her, as they swung amid the vines, and doves cooed softly as she wandered by; but none could answer her.
so gray tradition tells) were once the resort of the Power of Evil and his plighted subjects; and here, at midnight or on the dim verge of evening, they were said to stand round the mantling pool, disturbing its putrid waters in the performance of an impious baptismal rite.