DIMTDutch Ibopamine Multicenter Trial (cardiology)
DIMTDoraha Institute of Management and Technology (India)
DIMTDigital Imaging and Media Technology Initiative (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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The DIMT Model consists of four elements; "Discourse", "Image", "Meaning" and "Tao" (Li, 2003, p.
When applied to the model to analyze the China national publicity film, the DIMT Model can be illustrated as follows.
The "T" of the DIMT Model stands for "Tao", namely the ideal or truth.
Contract notice: Supply of complete systems for the collection of peripheral stem cell, plasmaexchange, eritroexchange with equipment hire for the inter department of transfusion medicine - dimt - notice 38/2014 - igc.
Contract notice: Provision of a fully automated system for molecular hla typing - with technology luminex with equipment hire for the inter-department of transfusion medicine verona dimt tender no.
Contract award: supply of systems for performing investigations of erythrocyte immunohematology for dimt of the province of venice.