DIMUSDigital Multibeam Steering
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The Aklan Public Information Officers Association conducted recently its first major activity this year, the Color Fun Run, dubbed, Daeagan sa Dimus nga Daean, with more than one thousand registrants.
According to the newly elected APIOA President Marth Tropa from the Department of Education, the Daeagan sa Dimus nga Daean was a color fun run for a cause, intended to raise funds to carry out the projects and programs of the organization, specifically the Adopt-a-Community site in Bagong Baryo, a depressed and the farthest barangay of Makato, Aklan.
According to Tropa, the Daeangan sa Dimus nga Daean was first conceptualized by the Information Officers from the Aklan Police Provincial Office that was eventually agreed upon by all members of the APIOA.