DINCDroid Incredible (HTC Corp.)
DINCDivisión de Investigación Criminal (Guatemala)
DINCDual Income No Children
DINCDrama in the Community
DINCDommages Immatériels Non Consécutifs (insurance)
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In March 2007, the Guatemalan daily newspaper elPeriodico published the testimony of Felix Mendez Monterroso, a former criminal recruited as a police informant who sought protection from the PDH and revealed that he was forced to provide information regarding the whereabouts of suspected criminals who were then executed by a death squad led by former DINC director Soto Dieguez.
Soto Dieguez was removed from the DINC after being accused of involvement in the murder of the Salvadoran congressmen and is now detained in the Mariscal Zavala military base, awaiting trial.