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DINEDeveloping Innovations in Navajo Education (Arizona)
DINEDamage-Induced Neuronal Endopeptidase (molecule)
DINEDietary Instrument for Nutrition Education (diet questionnaire)
DINEDyson Initiative National Evaluation (pediatrics)
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But if you want to shew him any attention, my dear, ask him to come and dine with us some day.
He's a wonderful man, without his living likeness; but I feel that I have to screw myself up when I dine with him - and I dine more comfortably unscrewed.
Porthos bit his lips because he saw not the wherewithal to dine.
Come today, direct from the office, and dine with us as you have done before.
We dine at Rosings twice every week, and are never allowed to walk home.
WHEN Adam heard that he was to dine upstairs with the large tenants, he felt rather uncomfortable at the idea of being exalted in this way above his mother and Seth, who were to dine in the cloisters below.
Eh, monsieur," said Vatel, shrinking from monseigneur to monsieur with a degree of disdain: "your cellar is so well stocked that when certain of your guests dine with you they have nothing to drink.
A very few days more, and Captain Wentworth was known to be at Kellynch, and Mr Musgrove had called on him, and come back warm in his praise, and he was engaged with the Crofts to dine at Uppercross, by the end of another week.
Jackson would rather have had him dine out; but he had his own reasons for not doing so.
said the count coming out from the dining hall into the anteroom, and he added: "If he is better, ask Pierre to dine with us.
And now you shall have some tea--it will soon be dinner-time, but I thought, as you were accustomed to dine at one, you would perhaps like better to have a cup of tea about this time, and to dine when we lunch: and then, you know, you can have your tea in this room, and that will save you from having to dine with Lady Ashby and Sir Thomas: which would be rather awkward--at least, not awkward, but rather--a--you know what I mean.
I am expecting my nephew in to dine," he said,--"Captain Granet.