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DINKDouble Income No Kids
DINKDual Income No Kids
DINKDirect in Kind Funding
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The document, which is included in a new indictment recently prepared on the murder of Dink, also reveals that MyT regularly monitored non-Muslim minorities in addition to Armenians and that the intelligence agency documented their activities similar to the way they documented Dink's murder case.
But the murder grew into a wider scandal after it emerged that the security forces knew of a plot to kill Dink, but failed to act.
They see Dink as victim of a shadowy 'deep state' network of nationalist militants accused of killings of prominent liberals and Kurdish nationalists.
commemoration of the 6th anniversary of Dink's murder earlier this year.
Last month, an Istanbul court sentenced a man to life in prison for Dink's murder but acquitted 17 other defendants, sparking large protests and criticism from rights groups.
Willis, by contrast, is the picture of laid-back assurance here, even when his easily ticked-off Dink is throwing a tantrum and smashing TV screens with his bare fists.
Dink was shot dead on a busy street outside his bilingual Agos newspaper in downtown Istanbul.
Dink had angered nationalists with articles referring to a Turkish "genocide" of Christian Armenians in 1915.
The original Dink's was opened by Curd's father, Jim, in Bartlesville, Okla., in 1982.
And while this may be a musical novel the way Anna and the Annas shape and influence Dink's life--from the moment he meets Anna in his early twenties through the lawsuit and events shortly after when he is in his fifties--make this a story of unrequited love.
The turtles, named James and Dink, have undergone five months of rehabilitation at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall, after they were both found to be suffering from hypothermia.
"The overall size of DINK households is still very small in China, estimated at 600,000 in 2006," the report said.