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DINKSDouble Income No Kids
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Shrinky Dinks is a toy brand offering a range of products and play patterns based upon plastic sheets that can be cut, coloured and then shrunk and hardened into an endless amount of original designs.
Shrinky Dinks can also be used to educate youngsters about physical and medical well-being.
In this series the report focused on the middle class of China; and two sub-segments of the middle class specifically: China's modern women and the "double income with no kids" households (DINKs).
Only one problem remained: in a ward populated by yuppies and DINKS (double income no kids), public school teachers are about as respected as a bear market.
The world renowned activist was in ystanbul to deliver her speech, "Transnational Solidarities: Resisting Racism, Genocide and Settler Colonialism" at Boy-azici University in an event sponsored by the Hrant Dink Foundation on Friday.