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DIO3Deionized (water) with Ozone
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It features fast cycle times and up to 10 L/min of DIO3 at ozone concentrations up to 62 ppm, ideal specifications for low flow, single wafer applications such as organic clean, water mark removal and oxide growth.
FSI's DIO3 Generation Module is custom designed to supply MERCURY(R) or ZETA(R) Surface Conditioning Systems with ozonated water (DIO3) for wafer cleaning and photoresist stripping/cleaning applications.
Along with Metron Technology, our European distributor, FSI continues to develop DIO3 technology and other alternative chemistries so companies can extend ES&H benefits.
Akrion's DIO3 process allows integrated circuit manufacturers to use a benign formula of deionized water injected with ozone for the many resist- stripping steps typical of the production process.
Molinaro commented, "We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a multitude of repeat customers who have replaced their sulfuric process with our proven DIO3 technology.