DIOFDWS Investment Opportunity Fund (DWS Investments; Germany)
DIOFDisplay Input/Output Facility
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They rode in the car for 12 hours to Medan in North Sumatra and as soon as they arrived, Firdaus put Debby and their 2-year-old son on a flight to Jakarta where Diof was born in a hospital just a few hours after Debby landed in Jakarta.
Firdaus then texted his wife, telling her their just-born boy should be named Diof Tsunami Firdaus.
Invited speakers included Dr Jacques Diof, the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Mr Mamadou Toure, the IMF's Director for Africa, Mr Babacar Ndiaye, President of the African Development Bank, Mr Dullah Omar, South Africa's Justice Minister, Mr Habib Ben Yahya, Tunisia's Minister for External Affairs, Mr Mohammed Ghannouchi, Secretary-General of Tunisia's ruling party, the Rassemblement Contitutionnel Democratique (RCD), Mr Jean-Marie Ngendahayo, Burundi's Foreign Minister, Mr Edouard Benjamin, Secretary-General of ECOWAS and Mr Amadou Toumani Toure, the former President of Mali.
During the seminar itself, Dr Jacques Diof, the Director-General of the FAO, examined the relationship between population pressure on land and national stability.